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The Petite Chef offers a fun and delicious solution for your next Team Building event. Challenge your coworkers to one of our Culinary Contests and be an Iron Chef!


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Are you interested in learning a difficult technique or recreating a favorite restaurant dish? The Petite Chef offers classes and hands-on demonstrations for small groups. Put a twist on your next gathering by challenging your friends to The Petite Chef’s version of “Chopped Challenge!” We pick the secret ingredients and teams compete to create beautiful and delicious dishes. See more about The Petite Chef on Fox6 and WISN.

Teambuilding events require a minimum of 8 guests or $520.00. 2 course event- $65.00 per person. 3 course event- $75.00 per person. Additional charges for seafood selections.

“Chopped Challenge!” Our most popular event. groups are divided into 2 teams and given a basket with their secret ingredients. you have 75 minutes to create your dishes to be judged by our chefs. Who will be Chopped!?

“Chef Assist” you choose your courses from our menu and one of our Chefs will guide you through recipes to create your masterpieces.

Whichever you choose everyone will cook and eat. Call or submit a form to book your event.


Check out what goes on with our team building cooking events.

Team Building

Team Building

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