Welcome to The Petite Chef


The largest entertainment cooking school in Wisconsin.

Welcome to The Petite Chef

The Petite Chef School of Cookery is dedicated to helping teach children and adults the joy of cooking by providing cooking classes, parties and team-building events.

We understand the importance of teaching kids to eat healthy foods by offering, birthday parties and camps. We also promote adult events and corporate team building. All events are hands-on, where participants learn skills and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
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Over 40 major corporate clients have had team building events
More than 8000 kids have learned cooking skills from our chefs
Over 12 years in business teaching kids and adults
Over 3000 square foot facility with a 50 person capacity
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Cooking Parties and Team building events

The Petite Chef stands as a beacon of culinary creativity and community spirit, nestled in the heart of Dousman, WI. This unique cooking school, known for its warm, inviting atmosphere, offers a range of classes and events designed to ignite passion in the kitchen for both young aspiring chefs and adult food enthusiasts. From hands-on cooking classes that explore various cuisines to specially curated events like birthday parties and corporate team-building workshops, The Petite Chef is more than just a cooking school; it's a place where individuals of all ages come to learn, laugh, and create lasting memories around the joy of food.
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Pick a date

Select your ideal date and let's get the culinary celebration started – your unforgettable party experience awaits!rices.

Select a Menu

Choose from our enticing menu options to tailor a delectable culinary experience that perfectly suits your party's taste and style.

Have fun!

Get ready for a dash of fun and a sprinkle of laughter – our parties are all about savoring great food and even greater moments!

Cooking Events

Everyone loves to gather around good food. Put a twist in your next get together by challenging your family and friends to be the “Iron Chef.” A minimum of 8 is all that is required to book your private cooking event. Whether you choose our Chef Assist or our Chopped Challenge, everyone will be hands on in the kitchen.
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Themed Parties for Kids

adult cooking party

Chopped Challenge

Chef Assist

how it works

Cooking at The Petite Chef

At The Petite Chef, cooking is an interactive and immersive experience. Upon arrival, guests are greeted and guided to a well-equipped cooking area. Each participant, regardless of age or skill level, is involved in the cooking process from start to finish. The sessions are led by skilled chefs who provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring that everyone can follow along and learn new techniques.

Cool Place

The ambiance of The Petite Chef sets it apart. The cooking space is designed to be warm and welcoming, making everyone feel at home.

top rated

Top-rated status with expert-led, engaging classes and a warm, inviting atmosphere that delights culinary enthusiasts of all levels.
what people say

hear from our clients

“Such a cool experience! The owners are AWESOME, and I'll never forget my time there tonight. Much love from this southern lady, my town Nashville wishes it had something so unique, and that's a strong statement! This is a must do activity!”
Hope Carolyn

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