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Cooking Classes

The Petite Chef offers cooking classes for children and adults. Classes start at $35.00  All classes are single session unless specified as a series or a camp on our calendar.  Class menus are displayed on each class post. Best of all you can register right online!

adult cooking party

Cooking Parties

From kids Birthday parties to Adult couples cooking, there is always a great event happening here at The Petite Chef. You can book a party through our website, or call to customize your event with one of our Culinary Experts. We can accommodate up to 35 guests.

Corporate Team Building

Looking for a fun and educational Team Building activity for your next corporate outing?  Join us at The Petite Chef  for an all out  “Chopped Challenge” cooking competition! It’s the most fun you’ll have with your coworkers!

Welcome to The Petite Chef

The Petite Chef School of Cookery is dedicated to helping teach children and adults the joy of cooking. We understand the importance of teaching kids to eat a variety of healthy foods by offering cooking classes, birthday parties and camps. We also promote adult events and corporate team building. All events are hands on where participants get to learn skills and enjoy the fruits of their labor.



Popular Cooking Events

Everyone loves to gather around good food. Put a twist in your next get together by challenging your family and friends to be the “Iron Chef” A minimum of 6 is all that is required to book your private cooking event. Whether you choose our Chef assisted or our Chopped Challenge, everyone will be hands on in the kitchen.

Minimum 6 guests, 2 course option $55.00  Three course option $60.00 per person

Petite Chefs

Petite Chef's can be picky but also fascinated by new foods. Whenever there are more than one of them sitting at a table, its amazing what they will eat that they wouldn't try at home.

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Themed Parties

For Kids

It's a competition!

Your team gets a secret ingredient basket, a few minutes to plan and your off to the races. Of course there is help here if you need it but don't be surprised if we don't throw some twists in.

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Love seafood but afraid to attempt preparing scallops, clams, oysters or sushi? We can help. You learn what to look for, when to buy and what to do if it seems a little to fishy!

Hands On