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Wisconsin’s Funnest Place for Cooking Parties
The Petite Chef School of Cookery, nestled in Dousman, Wisconsin, stands as a vibrant hub of culinary creativity and community spirit. This unique institution is dedicated to inspiring both children and adults in the art of cooking. It offers a variety of hands-on cooking classes, events, and parties aimed at igniting a passion for food and cooking. The school's ethos revolves around teaching important skills in a fun, engaging environment, making it more than just a place to learn cooking; it's where individuals of all ages gather to laugh, learn, and create unforgettable memories centered around the joy of food.
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At The Petite Chef, the experience is highly interactive and immersive. From the moment guests arrive, they are welcomed into a well-equipped cooking area and are actively involved in the cooking process, regardless of their age or skill level. Skilled chefs guide the sessions, providing step-by-step instructions to ensure everyone can follow along and pick up new cooking techniques. The focus is not only on teaching children the importance of eating healthily but also on adult learning and corporate team building. The school's approach is hands-on, allowing participants to learn skills practically and enjoy the fruits of their labor in a warm, inviting atmosphere
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Come to cook

The Petite Chef teaches cooking skills to all age groups. Cooking classes, birthday parties and private events.
commercial kitchen

Rent our space

Looking for a kitchen to rent or want to have your next event in a unique space? Call us.

food incubator

Launch a product

Want to take a family recipe and make it commercially? Call us, we can help.
our vision and mission

Cook, Celebrate, Create

At The Petite Chef, we blend the joy of cooking with the spirit of celebration, providing a unique culinary experience for all ages. Whether it’s a child’s birthday, an adult gathering, or a corporate team-building event, we aim to inspire creativity, teamwork, and a love for cooking in a fun and engaging environment.”

interactive classes

Interactive Classes

Specializing in hands-on cooking experiences, the school caters to both children and adults, making it an ideal destination for family activities, kids’ culinary education, and adult cooking enthusiasts.
commercial kitchen space

Commercial Kitchen

Equipped with modern, kitchen tools and a safe cooking environment, the school ensures a comfortable and professional setting for budding chefs.

corporate team building

Team Building

Dive into a world of fun with our kitchen-based team adventures! It’s all about chopping, sautéing, and laughing together, turning ordinary team building into a deliciously memorable experience.
unique venue

Unique Venue

Nestled in a beautifully restored 1914 horse carriage building, our facility marries historical charm with a modern culinary setup.

Kids Taught
Unhappy Chefs
what we did so far

The Petite Chef

The Petite Chef emerged from humble beginnings, blossoming into a cherished culinary haven where creativity and passion for cooking unite.


Started in downtown Oconomowoc in a 900′ space, quickly outgrowing the space.


Moved to Dousman, opened a 3000′ renovated space in a 110 year old building.

Artisan Kitchen

Added a second kitchen dedicated to helping artisans launch products.

our crew

meet our chefs

Chef Nancy

Chef Nancy

Head Chef
The heart and soul of the kitchen.

chef guy

Chef Guy

Head Dishwasher
Does whatever Chef Nancy tells him!


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